Destination Airport button in the frequency list

When I flew from KSAN to KLAX, after take off at KSAN the ATC said “Transavia 15, frequency change approved, good day!” And after few minutes the ATC said “Transavia 15, Please check out help pages for using ATC instructions” But KLAX was too far away, so I can’t contact KLAX tower or unicom.

So my idea is
In the frequency menu, there is button called ‘destination airport’.
Before take off, make a flight plan to an airport you want to land. Tap ‘destination airport’ and the active frequency’s will appear. So you can switch the frequency Airport after the ATC said: “[callsign], frequency change approved, good day!”

What do you think of this idea?


The controller issued you to change frequency and you didn’t, that’s why they’re saying “Please check help pages”. Just because your going to KLAX it doesn’t mean you only change to KLAX frequency. Just change to a nearby Unicom during cruise to get off the KSAN controllers flight strips, it helps them out


This gets my blood boiling. :P

It’s super annoying to have a flight on the other side of the region still as pone of your flight strips.


Yeah, what @CJ12 said

A couple of times I was instructed to contact a certain approach when I wasn’t in range yet.
I was searching and searching through the list for a while before I figured out I was still too far away.
I don’t know why I was instructed to contact the specific frequencies. I also don’t know if a controller can see/know if you are in range (yet) of the frequency he specifies.


No, controllers can’t see if you’re in range of a certain frequency. They most likely misjudged the distance you were. That would be a good feature request to be able to see if aircraft are in range of other frequencies


Common mistake @Snelweg_A15, all you had to do is change to a Unicom frequency, what happens is your still in the frequency after he requested you to change. You probably didn’t notice.

But make sure to check for centers or departures/approach frequencies because you don’t need to just contact the towers…

Same thing happened to me at TNCM
2 days ago

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