"Desperate plea for help" Flybe put up for sale

Britan’s most popular regional independent airline, Flybe, has itself up for sale. The airline blamed falling profits which are most likely due to rising oil prices. The airline is the 3rd cheapest (only behind Ryanair and Easyjet) in terms of average ticket prices in the United Kingdom and carries over 8 million passengers a year.

Flybe’s half-yearly revenue fell by 2.3% to £409.2m while pre-tax profits dropped over 50% to only £7.4m. The airline’s auditors have “significant doubt” over the British carrier’s future with the airline saying “we are open to all considerations”. The airline owes a significant amount of money to creditors with the creditors demanding an extra £9.4m of collateral due to the spending of £32.5m by the airline in 6 months. The airline “is in discussions with a number of strategic operators about a potential sale” and has not put a time limit the potential sale of the company.

The airline flies many short-haul services destinations throughout Europe, Ireland, and the U.K and currently consists of 85 aircraft which are mainly Dash 8 Q400 turboprops. It has been operating since 1979 and is based in Exeter, England with hubs in Manchester and Birmingham, both in England.

The future of the airline is currently unknown however there are serious doubts about its future. What do you think of all this?

Flybe’s Embraer ERJ-195LR jet at East Midlands Airport full photo credit


Aww, really sad to see many airlines having trouble, hopefully they can pull out of it.


I wonder how @AdamCallow will take this news.


It may be bought by another airline in the near future. Who knows,we might be seeing EasyJet E-190s in the future!


Sigh, not again. I hope after this big cluster of defunctness, soon most airlines will pull through.

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I really hope Flybe manage to pull though this, as it would be a real shame to see them go.

But if they do go it would have a massive impact on our air routes from IOM as the operate 10 flights a day out of around 20ish a day (depends on which day it is). Stobart Air currently operates the flights for them but after March Flybe mainline will re opening the base here. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.


Well if it costs more to do something you raise prices… Well I don’t know enough about it to judge them, but I hope they land on their feet.

We had monarch, Now Flybe? I really hope they can turn this around And return to the good old days of profit.

The new livery did it.

Not really


My gosh at what point can this stop? I mean I’m never likely flying any of these airlines but still to see them all go reflects on the market and the possibility of that can come to the US. Make it stop. We need them.

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this is sad to see another airline go. 2018 has been a really bad year for aviation.

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If they were to go it would be horrendous news for one of my local airports, Cardiff. Flybe operate roughly two thirds of all passenger flights out of there and their downfall would mean crucial connection routes such as Paris, Dublin and Geneva would vanish.

If Flybe falls, Birmingham airport is screwed. They literally operate most European city destinations (Glasgow, Belfast, Paris, Düsseldorf)

Hope Flybe survive 🙏

Sad news. Hopefullt they are still around next year as i need a flight eith them as i have no other way of going where im going.

Anyway might be a bit better off if they didnt spend money changing their livery all the time


They have a large operation base at EGLC(London city) so we could see BA cityliner inherit their EGLC based operations

WHAT?? This is so sad… I’m actually flying tomorrow with them EDI-BHD

If this trend continues we’ll only have maybe 5 airlines left in a couple years… Sad, but that’s how the market works today.

5 is bit of an exaggeration Qantas and Virgin Aus both getting record profits so I’m safe in Aus but best of luck to flybe

safe in aus… for now

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