Desktop or mobile?

Does anyone think Infinte Flight should have a desktop application? It should be cool to see the global scenery with a 30-inch computer screen.

Even if there is already Microsoft Flight Simulator and Xplane12 on the desktop, their external requirements(like Sidestick) seem to be a bit high, after all, not everyone has a complete flight simulator equipment, at this time they can only complete their “flying dream” through Infinite flight.

As far as I know, there is no flight simulator on the desktop that can give players a good flying experience without take a long time to learn flying skills.

While Infinite Flight works very well on mobile, adding a desktop app may be the icing on the cake.


Currently, you could “cast” Infinite Flight onto a desktop, but it requires you to play on a mobile phone or tablet.


Infinite Flight does have a desktop version but it’s only for Laura (The CEO and Co-Founder of Infinite Flight) she uses it for fixing bugs, maybe creating new features etc

(Correct me if I’m wrong)

That’s a good way, but we need a separate system to control it.You know that the phone is used to do other things, such as making calls, receiving text messages, etc., and staying on the fly makes the phone unable to do other things

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That sounds great! This means that if Infinite Flight really planned a desktop version, their jobs might be easier and their working hours would be shorter

It looks like they really planned it

Mhm, I wouldn’t say it would be easier because they would have to publish to IOS, Android and PC which would’ve a lot of work on release days and development in general.

No, that’s just a poll that they did a few years back. They were somewhat interested in it but I don’t think they will be doing a pc version.

That’s a shame

Eh, I think IOS and android is enough for them in my opinion.

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if you really want to play infinite flight on desktop, you can use Bluestack. As far as I know it is currently available for the latest version of the Windows operating system. Not sure for MacOS, heard it’s still being developed.

But remember, the risk of playing on Bluestack is that there is no official support from the Infinite flight.

And yes, in my opinion…
I feel that infinite flight is cool when it’s officially on the desktop, especially when it comes to power, actually I can’t bear to have my phone on charge during the long haul

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Wait a minute. I’m gonna need instructions on how to do this.

It depends on the devices you’re using.

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ohhh i see. is there a topic about it at all?

It’s quite simple.

Either you get Apple TV and cast it using that.

Or, you attach a cable connecting your iPad to a monitor. I can do it using a USB-C docking station connected to a monitor via an HDMI cable. iPad Air 4

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I mean, there kinda is, not a native application (you’d need an Android emulator), but you can run it on a desktop using your PC’s own CPU, RAM, and GPU

I doubt it’ll be available to natively run and download from the likes of steam or the windows store any time soon, if at all, though

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My main question is that how is the side stick the main issue Flight sim has that infinite flight won’t? You can’t tilt your PC around so infinite flight would have the same issue. These sims already allow you to use a game controller, or if you really want a truly horrible experience a keyboard. There isn’t really a better way to do it from a control input perspective.

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