Desirable visual effects

Hello IF community. Although buildings and clouds are amazing additions I think the following 3 suggestions would also add a great touch to the IF experience. Vapour trails at altitude, city lights when night flying and smoke puffs when landing. No idea how much programming is required but as a real world pilot these effects would add another level of realism to a fantastic sim.


Hey there, as you have heard Project Metal is being worked on. This incredibly increases the chances of this happening. All we gotta do is just wait and see i’m afraid. However you can voice your support for city lights below:

Welcome back to the community! There a a handful of feature topics already. Feel free to vote.

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Thanks for your post today. Above are some wonderful feature requests that I recommend voting for. The more votes a feature request gets, the higher likelihood that it will be added to the sim.

If there are any feature requests that are missing, feel free to create some #features topics. That being said, you would need to be TL2, so keep liking, posting, and contributing positively to the community, and you will be there in no time!

Thanks all!