Designing Your Own Liveries for Infinite Flight

I’m just throwing this out there: 😉

What if we could design our own liveries for the aircraft in Infinite Flight.

Then we would send the livery to the developers.

The developers would test the livery out on the designated aircraft for a little bit.

Then the liveries would be pushed in an update.

That would be good for the community, and realism of Infinite Flight!

The liveries could be your own (no immature behavior, slang, getto, racism, anti this or that). Something creative like your own YouTube or Instagram page logo. Or an airline that isn’t already in Infinite Flight.

Picture credit:👇

YouTube channel name: Tim07737

Let’s see where this goes…🤞

Personally, I just want the liveries that are real and the Infinite Flight one. Also there would be so many liveries requests that FDS would have to sift through and that would delay the release of other aircraft.


This would be cool but there might need to be more strict guidelines… like only RW liveries?


This has been asked about a hundred times this month. The answer is: No


This is a duplicate:


Correct me if i’m wrong. A request similar to this already exists.

As for my opinion. I am for a more realistic sense when it comes to liveries, so this doesn’t strike me as something that would be great.


This is a duplicate but there is some hope as shown below:

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