Designing airports(Drawing)/Overhead terminal drawings

Here is a drawing I did long ago. I also design my own airports by drawing them. The Airports I design is MY OWN DESIGN. When I decide to draw out an airport, I usually:

  • Design the runways first

  • Draw out the taxiways

  • Draw the roads/access ways

  • Draw out the Terminals/jetways
    and lastly the Aircraft outlines.

Hope you like it. And I hope this is not a duplicate :(


Wow… Super

thank you.

I would do that for LSGG / GVA

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This is really cool. Its great that you have that artistry in you hope to see more soon. Great Job! P.S. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks :). I am currently designing an airport.

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Great can wait to see!

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How long did it take you to do this? I use to do these when I was in highschool but it was usually cities, places surrounding a highway, parks and more, it involved lots of details(lights, signs, trees). Usually took me about a week sometimes longer to do them.

It takes me like two hours to make as long as I don’t get distracted.

Drawing/Designing an airport
Runways go first
Runway detailing.
Taxiway/Ramp outlines with no lines
Completed Airport.


I used to draw airports off the top of my head in english class last year. My teacher would put notes like “Wow!” when she graded notebooks next to my drawings ! xD


Nice really cool

That’s great work man!

Thanks! I’ll probably do another tomorrow.

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Nice! Good Job, but have you considered drawing in high speed taxiways?

Yes, I have drawn High Speed taxiways when doing larger airports.

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I’ve done that too a bit ago, I’ll try to find the drawings

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