Designing a logo

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry if the thread is not in the correct category (mods can change it).

I am in the process of being approved for my VA, Ram Virtual based on Royal Air Maroc operations.
However, I don’t have a logo and I don’t have the skills to make one.
So I’m talking to the community to find out if someone has graphic design skills and could make me a logo.

In short

The red color must be present
The logo doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as that of Royal Air Maroc (it can be inspired by it).

Thank you
CaptainNast, future CEO of RAM Virtual


Hey man Ill help u out i send u one when i am done!!

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Thank you!

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No problem!


is that one good?

Isn’t that just the old St. Louis Rams logo? Ngl I actually that’d be a really sick concept for an airline, though I’m not entirely sure that’s what OP was after.


I appreciate the ram spirit as I spend most of my time in St Louis lol- he’s in the process of creating a VA modeled after Royal Air Maroc, to be more clear.


Yeah I’ll make another one for u!

It will come in about 30 min!

I’ll help!

Thought it would be nice to include a part of RAM logo, as your VO is inspired by it. Also added the shape of Moroco. Hope you like it, I’m free to change anything you want!



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If you need a VA logo, I can recommend you some platforms to utilize, or I can do it for you. Personally, I am the CEO of a VA, and made my very one, so I have experience with the platform I will use to generate one for you.

Based on what I am seeing, it looks like you are all good. However, feel free to reach out if you want otherwise. Anyways, logo looks pretty nice, and good luck on your endeavors! :)

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That is extremely beautiful 😍

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It would be nice to change the white around it to red of the same color if possible.

It would look like this:



I did a small modification to one of the other logo’s presented.
What do you think of this?




Thank you all for your logos,
We will make our choice and I remain available for any question related to Royal Air Maroc Virtual.

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Get @adxsignstm on Instagram for your logo designs