Designated low level areas

I am not sure exactly what the new rules will be for global, but I would like to see the option to fly low levels, TACNAVs, and DEFTACs. It may not be possible everywhere to break the 250knot rule, but to be able to do it on something other than the casual server with actual ATC and other air traffic would be awesome! May he set up specific areas like YUMA or even enable a flight plan option to be cleared by ATC?

This is kind of 2 requests in one. You want irl TACANS and stuff so you can fly faster than 250 kts under 10,000 ft, and you want some clearing thing where ATC can be “Clearance Delivery” You should keep your requests to one request only, provide a picture, and “Clearance Delivery” has already been requested.

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Okay. Makes sense. Thank you