Design your own plane with a real livery!

The title doesn’t seem right to me, so could someone change it to something proper?
I am basically asking you to design your own plane (Microsoft’s Paint Application is preferred) and apply a real life livery. Here is mine, an Etihad (The tail copies the triangles part but not exactly as I don’t have time for an exact copy).


FBnE = First Class, Business Class and Economy Class
BnE = Business Class and Economy Class
AE = All Economy

This does not go in RWA Tag as this involves your own designs.
And like a post if you like the plane and the livery.


Would this be better - “Show Off Your Microsoft Paint Aircraft Livery Creations !” Did not want to change it and not meet the IFC high standards of thread titles …


Maybe, but the “Show Off” part is not what I want. And the livery HAS to be a Real Life one. By the way, how is my plane?

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Like a pencil. The tails good though.

Like this? ^^^^^^^^


No, because you have to design your own planes


Zero chance of flight with those tiny engines and the slim completely flat wings that come out of the side of the fuselage, rather than underneath! As for the range, where’s all that fuel going to be stored if it can’t fit in the wings?


Give him a break, let’s see if you could create something better! sorry for the harshness, but that’s not fair to judge when you haven’t even tried…


@Kevin he specifically asked to be judged, so yes, in fact it is completely fair to judge…

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Ahh, ok I get it now, thanks.

guys use adobe illustrator cc when designing things like this

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Design your own planes and apply real life liveries
That is the title, now, let’s see you make a plane, and we’ll judge.


Exactly, (and thanks for the imbecile comment by the way) - he designed a plane and asked what we thought. HE ASKED. HE posted it publicly for comment. I responded with my thought. The purpose of the post, was to DESIGN an airplane and just paint a current real livery. The entire point is the DESIGN of the aircraft. Anyone can just draw a cylinder and put an existing livery on it. The aircraft he designed just has a flat line as the wing. What’s the point of putting the focus on the ‘design’ of the airplane if yours just has a flat black line and a rectangle as the engine.

Now, as far as my design goes, you probably don’t want to challenge me to that, as I am an adult, (not a 14 year old playing on paintbrush) who minored in engineering (related courses) at university, and received a band 6 (highest possible) in technical drawing in high school, and also have a real world PPL with an instrument rating.

Now if you would like to continue this, please send me a PM to save you the public embarrassment. Again, as for the personal insults, do it in PM and we’ll see who wins that battle of the wits @Kevin

I’m not even going to flag your comment, as it’s more embarrassing towards you to leave it visible for the public shame.


Won’t do that. Nor will I argue with you as your threats and world-renowned achievements on engineering or whatever will absolutely destroy me, BUT if I must, the title (which I won’t repeat again) states to create an airplane and add a livery, when I saw you saying a, b and c, quite rudely actually, I responded saying how you should make one before being so harsh, but boy, I didn’t know what I got myself into, a band six tech. high school drawing award!. Now, sir, thank you for your service to your country as a doodler, but I have things to do as a very busy “14 year old” have a great one, mister! ;)

Good job I like it I’m sorry for what I said down there

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Well, I do find lower resolutions more convenient in my case.

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Hey everyone, I updated the plane. @MJames, how is it? I can’t edit the wings completely so I just did a few tweaks.

Title terrible and should be changed back or fine?

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But how we will make it real

No, all you have to do is design your OWN plane with an Application like Microsoft Paint, and then apply a Real Life Livery on it. As a matter of fact, I am making another plane (In Air Canada’s New livery this time). :-)