Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


That looks good! 😍 .

Sorry ot took so long but heres a 737 max8

Can someone make a Norwegian A320 please?

@Air_New_Zealand08 I can make you one
Iberia A330 on my new software thanks to @HockeyMan06

Any requests leave them bellow


My contribution to November’s FLEET Qantas Link 717
Any requests leave them bellow please


They look great! 😍. .

If you’re going to get pictures off the internet, at least leave a credit below.


Ok, sorry I just thought it looked very good and we should all aspire of designs like that!

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Any requests please!

What did you use to do it

I used adobe photoshop mix! But you can also use pic collage, adobe photoshop , is better though

Is that the mobile one is so how did you do it

I need the community’s help here. I’m making a new airline but I want to know what plane I should make first in the livery

  • A320
  • 737-900(no winglets)
  • 777-200
  • 767-300
  • ERJ190
  • ERJ145
  • A330

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@Air_New_Zealand08 here is your Norwegian A320

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Can someone tell me how to do it on a mobile device

Expect a pm from me about it

I will in a bit. I’m busy

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@anon7075715 I can have a go! it might take a bit longer than usual but it will be done by tomorrow

@United-Express could you make me a Monarch A320?

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