Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I like how I can tell you were born after 2000 because you put pound signs before all of the aircraft names.


HockeyMan told me to do that.


If he posts them, does he have permission do delete your current template on the website? There shouldn’t be two of the same templates, and the one I made has many details corrected. I will of course give you credit.


Why does it matter anyway? Is it literally your job to make feel unwanted on here? Gosh!


Template by Boeing Flight Simmer, Domov is a Slovakian startup offering both freight and passenger services. This is the first aircraft in the fleet. Domov means “Home”, so I thought it would be a good name for the airline. In response to @MallardDuck_Aviation , the plan is for JetBlue level service in Europe, and a partnership with Virgin Atlantic.


What type of airline is Domov? where do they fly?


I am going to re-do the Thomas Cook livery as with all of these random liveries they’ve put on their aircraft look shabby! Expect it done soon! :)


Can someone make a fictional Condor Phoenix AZ livery? they just started service here and the first one lands in 30 minutes


I’ll try do that after the TC livery!


Ok @Ollywhxte thanks


Condor flight 2026 from FRA to PHX just landed making it the first long haul regularly scheduled flight to PHX since 2003 other than to London every day. To bad I have school right now.


TUI or Thomas Cook?

Thomas Cook A320-214 G-TXOC
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!

TUI B737-8K5 with Schimitar Winglets G-TAWO
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!


Thomas cook is better


And that’s where my opinion changes lol. :)


Thomas cook has the same livery as Condor who is now flying to Phoenix which makes it better.


What are you trying to achieve by saying this? Did you have a bad day or something…


Condor Airlines B767-300 D-ABAU in a special Pheonix, Arizona livery!
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!


The fuselage blue should be darker than the tail. Someone pointed that out to me on my TUI 789. 😁


Oh oops, lol! Better fix that tomorrow. :)


Here is to the CRJ Release tonight!

Iberia Regional EC-MJO CRJ-700 & SAS OY-KFC CRJ-900
Liveries by myself and templates by Medviation!