Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Everything is perfect, but I hope the color remains #00015d.
The font… I don’t like Ubuntu. Maybe just keep it at Raleway.
The Wi-Fi should be moved to the right of door L1
Other than, that, Bluetiful!


I need your help, as I’m working on a livery. I’ve got three choices, and I want some opinions as to which looks best. (It’s not done yet, hence the non erased parts
Option 1:

Option 2:Option 3:

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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How does this look?


Love it! Absolutely Bluetiful!


News from BlueWing.
The new BlueWing livery has been remade. This livery is designed by @Cayden_Smith. The first aircraft in the new livery is N472BW, a Boeing 777-300ER named #bluetiful
The concept livery. NOT FINAL!
This livery is on a 777-300, not a 777-300ER, and the name is bluetiful instead of #bluetiful
BlueWing’s complete fleet will be painted in the new livery by Saturday.
BlueWing also placed an order for E-175 E2 aircraft to support the Go! by BlueWing fleet. This aircraft is the third type of regional jet operated by BlueWing. First aircraft is named #BlueSmith and will be delivered by Saturday as well.


This Airplane is not a 777-300ER.It’s a Normal 777-300


I stand corrected. It is a 777-300. My mistake.


Boeing 777-300ER Royal Brunei.
Credit on Image


Nuu don’t leave us. 😢


Airbus A350-900 Aigle Azur.
Credit On Image.


Airbus A350-900 Cubana and Drukair.
Introducing the new double-colored Backgrounds!!!
Credits on Images


The Cubana one is fantastic! 😍


@Air_New_Zealand08 Thank You👍


You just want to not have to add credit don’t you


AE or IFC either you have to add credit…


Um no on airline empires it’s more severe however I had been contemplating leaving for awhile then Androidpilot left and I decided it was time for me to go


If you don’t add credit on AE you will get destroyed by everyone


@HEYEY how did you contact medviation and get your template on his page? I have the complete E2 series and I would like to have my templates up there.


@HockeyMan06 I have the first part of your fleet done! I only have the 737’s to go.

All templates except the CS300 are by medviation. CS300 by FlyHighAviator.



I just sent him a PM with the Dropbox psd link. If you’re going to do this, give me credit please!