Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


do you want me to put the #citynames on the planes or leave them off?


I present… The complete Embraer E2 series!

It took me a while to make these but I think they look darn good!

Original templates by Medviation, modified wing by HEYEY.


#cityname please and thank you


Nope. We are not ordering any


Can you refer to my BlueWing and make a fleet?
our names are like jetblue, it’s something with blue in it.
for example: #ANewBlue #BlueBlueEverwhere #OkayBlue
We operate:
A321WL and A321LRs (CFM engine)
A350-900 and 1000s
CRJ700s and 900s (Go by BlueWing)
(E190 are phased out)
If you can make the skyline on the tail sky blue.

font is raleway, skyline is this


Can I try and make you a livery please?


A FedEx 737-700F. Credit is in the image


I’m busy with Newfair, so i’ll get to your fleet afterwards. Meanwhile, i’m going to tweak the livery just a little bit and see how you like it.


American,Delta and United Airlines 737-300

Templates by med🙄


NP! I did request after Newfair, so it is fair


Tell me what you think!


You can ignore the alliance logo, but make sure you put the Wi-Fi onboard sign!


what font did you use?


Bahnschript or something like that.


here’s what I did for my concept livery:

  • Changed the line-up for the blue lines on the front of the tail and fuselage
  • Changed the font to Ubuntu (I am not a fan of Raleway at all)
  • Changed the mask a bit
  • Changed the coloring a slight bit

Hope you enjoy! I think it looks… Bluetiful!


alright everyone it is my time to leave I will do one more livery on ifc then I will fully move to airline empires


klm md-80 templates by 🙄med🙄

Well I guess this is goodbye


You can, I don’t really care


It sucks you are leaving, do you have a gallery where I can see your designs on AE