Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I know your not great at English but it is made not maked


I added a bigger belly the PW engines and positioned the wings properly template by med/heyhey


Geez I didn’t think the engine was that giant lol

If you have time, could you possibly make the E175 E2?


Yeah I based it of this


(Template by @aviationconcepts)

Air Canada Airbus a330-800NEO


You need to rake the wing a tad.


You’re missing the mask, and there is no rondelle on the outer side of the engine. As well, the rondelle is rather big for the tail.


United a319


Tweaked Newfair’s livery abit.

  • No longer will have skylines
  • the city name will be in a hashtag
    Template credit goes to Med. All logos are made by me


What planes other than the 737-700 and -800 are in Newfair’s fleet?


My E2 template is now added to the template list on AE
Does anyone know what happened to the CRJ-200 template by @N644US?


Nice! How do you make templates?? Also once again people any requests?


I take parts from other planes (in the E2, I took the engines from the A320neo and the raked wingtips from the 767-400ER) and blend them in with the base plane.


Nice! @HEYEY, you should correct the engines, make the 175, and upload them!

By the way, are there any aircraft templates that still need to be made? I could try it.


Widerøe E190 E2

Template by @HEYEY


I was going to make that!! Lol

Nice job tho. Is it fine if I also make a Widerøe E2?


No problem :)


737’s, 787-10, A321NEO, A350, A330, 777-300, CS300
That’s all


I will make you a Newfair fleet!

Expect it sometime tomorrow.


Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to see it