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Peole seemed to want Illuminati Air, so here it is, a 737-300, livery by me, template by Medaviation.

I’m also working on a Nordair 321neo, with a timelapse, so stay tuned.


Illuminati Confirmed


The tale of a legend: N482BW. (COMPLETELY FICTIONAL!)
N482BW is a Boeing 777-300ER. Its livery has been the whole history of BlueWing. And this is N482BW’s tale.
N482BW was delivered originally to TransChina Airlines (泛华航空), the flag carrier of China founded in the 1950s’, as the successor of Chinese Civil Airlines (中国民用航空). It was delivered under the registration of B-6231. When it was delivered in 2009, it was wearing TransChina’s “Red and Yellow” livery designed in the 80s’. It was the second 77W of TransChina and was a flagship.

N482BW as B-6231 when it was delivered.
In 2010, there was an incident involving this aircraft as it was hit by an Empire Airline’s Airbus A330 in PVG. The aircraft was withdrawn from service for two months and went through a full inspection (C Check). During the C-Check, a sticker was added to promote the German carmaker ETK’s new K Series sports car.
This livery was not liked by most people. Since it had an ETK logo on the engine, a lot of people joked that it was “powered by an ETK V6 engine”

N482BW in the hated “powered by V6” livery.
The livery was removed in January 2011. B-6231 served TransChina for another year in the “Red and Yellow” livery.
In June 2011, TransChina flight 34 from Shanghai to Beijing (Boeing 757-200, B-3241) suffered an engine fire on takeoff roll. The aircraft crashed in a hotel near Shanghai Pudong international airport, killing all 201 crews and passengers along with 14 fatalities on the ground. Just two months after that, in September, a captain of TransChina deliberately crashed an Airbus A330-300 (B-7943) en route from Shanghai to Tokyo, 213 passengers and 4 crew members are killed. The publicity of TransChina was greatly affected.
In February 2013, due to financial difficulties, TransChina ceased operation. and merged with American Carrier: BlueWing. B-6231 was withdrawn from service and was painted in a temporary BlueWing/TransChina hybrid livery.

B-6231 wearing the BlueWing/TransChina hybrid livery.
In April 2013, the registration of “B-6213” was changed to "N482BW’. The aircraft was also painted in the BlueWing’s “Pacifica” livery.

N482BW, after registration and livery change.
In 2015, N482BW was originally planned to be painted in the “TransChina” retro livery. However, due to multiple reasons, it remained in the “Pacifica” livery. “TransChina” retro livery was never painted on any aircraft.
In December 2017, BlueWing withdrawn N482BW from service. Nobody knows where it went until May 2018. During the brand overhaul, N482BW was the first aircraft to be painted in the new BlueWIng “Skyline” livery.

N482BW in the BlueWing “Skyline” livery.
In 9 years, N482BW has seen so much. From TransChina to BlueWing, from “Red and Yellow” to “Skyline”, from B-6231 to N482BW, and most importantly: From old to new.
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These repaints have significantly improved over the last month or so. I love seeing it! Everyone helping each other create wonderful works of art. Great job everyone!


Nice! They look awesome


Emirates a330-900neo
Template by me and med🙄


a330-900neo template by me and med 🙄


I Maked a Spirit Airlines A320Neo with Retro Livery.
Credits on image


Now taking suggestions for the last time in the near future as im going to switch to mainly AE. I will rarely post on IFC from now on. I will take 2 suggestions one for a 777-300 (any version) and one for a A320. I have to thank this topic for getting me interested in graphics in which I am now top in my year thanks to this.

My main gallery on AE:


It will be sad to see you go! Why don’t you make an Iberia CRJ-900 in a special Ibiza livery?


Boeing 737-600 Scandinavian Airlines System
Template by Medviation and livery by myself.


Cathay Pacific work?


I decided to update the SAS livery!

Boeing 737-800 Scandinavian Airlines System Concept Livery
Template by Medviation and livery by myself.


I still prefer the current one. Great job though. Maybe change the text


You replaced the most iconic part of SAS’s minimalist brand, and kept all the other dull bits of that minimalism. Why?


I Maked two south american fictional liverys airplanes.
Credits on images.


I’m pretty sure that TAM used to be a real airline…