Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I’m redid almost all planes that i painted.
Credits on images


The “WestJet” text is too big. You also forgot the “Proudly” above the flag and “The Spirit of Canada” in the middle of the fuselage. As well the white stripe on the winglets is too far down and thick. Maybe try using a real WJA MAX reference to do the winglets as those are the same in the new livery and current :D However, all those liveries are pretty good.


Illuminati air?? Are they a subsidiary of Janet? 😂


Please view my other Westjet 737 MAX 10.It’s more correct


Yes it is, and I could tell you more, but I’d have to kill you


And Sorry for the errors


Could someone make a Delta Sukhoi 100?


I make it tomorrow.I’m live in Brazil and It’s night here


You don’t have to. Anyone who’s up to it can, including you.


Well, no not quite.

Template by Med, you just added new engines and winglets to his work (which incidentally he encouraged people to do).

It’s like if I put a spoiler on my car or painted it a new color, then said I built it.


Well on meds page it says


Do we really have to argue over whether or not a template requires credit? Even if you made the template, link it! Just play it safe and let’s not turn this thread into an argument thread.


@Joseph_Krol Your Delta SSJ100.
Credits on Image.


I know this is a lot to ask for, but could someone try to make a Gulfstream G650 template that are up to Med’s templates standard?


Qantas A330-300 and Boeing 737-800

  • A330-300 as VH-OOP and B737-800 as VH-VXM
    Templates by Medviation!


I spent quite some time yesterday making a realistic Saab 340 template.

Credits go fully to Medviation for the Saab 2000 template.


A repost of earlier, a Silver Airways A320neo, credits go to Medviation for the template.


Oh my😍😍 that’s gorgeous!


Do you have a Drop Box Download with layers?


Saab 340 template link:

Note that it isn’t PERFECT. It was taken from Medviation’s Saab 2000 template and edited. It’s a pretty good representation of the Saab 340 though. Enjoy!

Also note that you will have to draw around the wing if you want to color the engine. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If somebody wants to take the time to fix that, go ahead, just make sure to give Medviation credit.