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Newfair 737-7MAX “Spirit of Quebec”

I experimented with a gradient, turned out pretty good!


Any requests from anybody?


Yah, on the right side it’s “L’esprit du Canada” Left side is “The Spirit Of Canada” @aviationconcepts


It’s a compatibility issue for sure.

Either you updated something on your end and it’s not reading the layers right, or whoever made it botched the actual export to a .psd file.


Do you have the PSD extension? It’s also free BTW


The template workson photoshop. I used it in school for a project


@stevphfeniey AviationConcepts made it and said it probably wouldn’t work with, which kind of sucks because i’m used to that program.

@Air_New_Zealand08 Yes I do, I wouldn’t be able to make liveries without it, lol


Whoever here that uses Pixelmator, how easy is it to use?


Simple and quick to load


737-800MAX by Medviation / livery by me!

Attention. Please read. 

Hey guys,

We have received a request from the creators of these templates that credit should be given. This is due to the effort and time put in to create these templates. We want to support these creators as much as possible, so we ask that you all now give credit when using these templates. Any designs that do not give credit will be deleted from now on.

Please follow the same format found in this topic below:


Lets just call that plane a 737 MAX 8 my friend.


I agree that we need this. Thanks for making formal guidelines


I agree.I’m going to redid my planes and put credits


Correction for the Avro, template made by AndroidPilot.
Rest by Medviation.

Qantas Liveries!



Med made the Avro I just took the windows of and added a cargo door that doesn’t match anything in real life.


Isnt the last third one made by N644US?


Probably. I’ve completely messed up the credit, oops.


I’m gonna re-do my earliest liveries that I posted on here. Which one? Winner will also get a time lapse

  • NorgeFly old livery a320
  • Illuminati Air 737
  • NorgeFly new livery a321LR

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Haha template by me…