Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


westjet 737 max 8


The matte blue looks good on the tail


ritz a350


ritz a380


Make the best airline win! :)


Stunning livery! Especially on the A380!


That has also happend to me


Does anybody know of a Saab 340 template that I can use?

I am also looking for an alternate A330-9neo template as well (not Medivation’s)


I made the a330neo templates not med


Oh, my bad. I’m getting this error when I open your A330neo templates in It looks like this:

Do you know how to fix it?


I don’t use I use Pixelmator and It works on gimp and photoshop


OK then. Thanks anyways.


On the real world picture the “Spirit of Canada” is supposed to be French.


Can you hit “show details”?


Airbus A330-900Neo Azul Linhas Aéreas.
It’s from my Country!!!


Yes, here it is.


Here is the SAAB template, made by yours truly


Why Thanks! In return I shall make you a special Newfair livery on the 737-7MAX!


does that mean that you’re N664US? it looks a lot like the one he’s developing on the AE forums


@BobbyRobert no, N664US has been developing one from scratch and has taken forever. HockeyMan threw a temporary one together.