Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Emirates a320neo


767 Retirement Livery!


UPS 747-8F N606UP


Iberia 787-8:


The worst of airlines could use a facelift…


It has a new livery that hasn’t got much attention


In my opinion, both of their current liveries suck. One is white with some small black text and a small flag, while the other is at least a little better, with a gray and red bottom. Neither use the bird for the logo.


thanks so much @Davi_William_Pereira ! Love it


Newfair’s first plane from 1966!


Introducing East Hopper Airlines! My airline is based in St. Johns, Canada and Boston International, USA offering hops between major destinations along the East Coast with very cheap fares. Made to compete with Newfair :).


Does anyone have a a330-900 template?



Thank you very much!


Does anyone want to make a livery?


If so please pm me soon.


Allep Airlines introduced their new livery in late-March 2018 as they were getting criticism for having a similar logo to that of Spotify’s. They introduced the new livery, but people weren’t too happy about it, so they turned the whole plane green with the words, “ALLEP .COM” and their new Dark green circle logo. They first showed said new livery on a 738 and gained a lot of attention. Fairly positive thoughts and opinions came from the public. Allep Airlines plan on painting all their aircraft in the new green livery, nicknamed “The Emerald Flyer”, by 2023.


Can you do a real livery?
If so a Qantas b748
I want to see what you can do with reference and ideas


Sure will! I’ll see what I can do.


I’m getting an error when opening the A330-8 and -9 neo templates. Anybody else have this or know how to fix this problem?



I definitely will fly them since they are based in my home town

Oh, to compete with Newfair lol. It’s on