Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Please can someone help me with this. If you can open meds .psd files then can you please PM me. I have had access to PS but I only had it for a short timehalf a period in one of my classes If someone could please do what I did in the file below but on different aircraft and engines that would be great and I would be highly thankful. I know the name doesn’t match what the layers are but oh well doesn’t matter to me.

The RR is just the kind of engine by the way. Same with the GE. If you could do that if you do it that’s would help even more.
More explanation: i have merged the wing, windows,doors, fuselage details and things like that. I have also if possible deleted engine options. Then saved it and done the same on the other engines.
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Please say if you need more explanation


Two new recent planes

Airbus A321neo ACF AlMasria Universal Airlines

Boeing 747-400 Hellenic Imperial Airways


Icelandair old livery Boeing 757-200


How do you add mud to yours


People’s Viennaline CS100


That suites the CSeries really well!


BA 747-400
Unfortunately this exact aircraft is now retired.
Template: med
livery: AndroidPilot


As a bit of fun, here is a Solana Benidorm Boeing 737-800!


I’m painting a 747-8i.What the livery?
Tip:It’s a Greek Airline


Hellenic Imperial…


@Cayden_Smith Congraulations!!!You Hit!!!


I spent a bit doing this but it was worth it! NewfAir 738 “Proud 2 Be Canadian” Livery! :D


Hellenic Imperial Airways 747-8i, 777-300ER and 777-9X


I have redesigned Allep Airlines since it’s about time. Here is the redesign:


I like everyone’s Newfair liveries. Keep it up!



I take the image, put it below each window on the plane and change the opacity.


Could anyone potentially do a Pan Am 777-9X or 777-10X (Clipper Juan Trippe)?
Revised billboard liver just like this on this B789


If anyone wants this. They can use it. I made a new Westjet decal. It’s a bit messy, but it works


Boeing 737 MAX 10 Westjet new livery

Thanks to @HockeyMan06 for the decal.


@Jacob_Floam You PAA 777-9x