Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Yes, I did use the layer method. Thanks!


American Airlines puts their One World logo to the right of the L1 door, not to the left as you have it.


May I add my airline, Metro, to the list?

Metro Airlines is an airline based out of Washington DC. They have 200 planes and order new planes often. They are known for maintaining low fares while offering traditional domestic airline services. They service cities with high populations and high-demand routes.


jetBlue N942JB “Menta Fresca” 200th aircraft
Requested by @JerryC


I updated Metro’s livery. I think it looks better. Thoughts?


I think it looks good.


Thanks. Feedback always helps.


Your livery is a little basic. my recommendation would be to add a cool design on the fuselage like the blue fades into the white or something like that


Any requests???



For more or less the same reasons I gave Mallard Duck Guy (see above) and a few others.


China Southern/China Post Boeing 737-300QC (B-5071).


@ItzEhs If you can that’d be nice


Hey could anyone do an A300neo or an A310neo? Thanks and sorry if it a tough one.😅


Is the L1011 fine? I can’t open the a330neo template


Yes of course @ItzEhs that’s fine


Air Transat L1011-1 (C-GTSP) Requested by @Deltabro


Underbelly color for my Metro paint.


Ooh that’s nice thanks!


If you can can you try a 757-200 with split scimitars? Thanks so much


I am not that good at creating templates, but i will try anyways