Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


What’s that program called? Pixel something.


It’s Pixelmator 🙂 QantasAviator


Made it


Looks great! I don’t think that’s an A320 like he asked but it still looks quite great!


I know it’s not a320 but a321neo lr look good 😊


Alliance Boeing 737max8


Lufthansa a350-900


After camping for the whole night, the spotter finally caught this plane right after it is painted before it was covered up again, it is JETBLUE! The engine is only for ferrying use, it is a retired Qantas engine and a cover of a Thomas Cook engine and will be refitted once it reaches Mobile, Alabama where the interior and the seats will be installed, and the plane will be delivered at Mobile.


Ahoy y’all, doing some more digging and I found this showcasing some more of AE’s best.

"A profile of the major mainline air carriers of the United States as of 2017. Modern, diverse, and ready to take on the future challenges of the industry. Legacy carriers such as Oceanic and Vanguard jockey to maintain dominance against the tide of LCC and niche carriers like NY Air and Air Colorado, with new competitors rapidly coming to the fore.

The full 24"x18" image can be found here:
Full 24"x18" Printable Poster

A special thanks to everybody who submitted work. Including but non limited to: БобСоветскийшфид☭™, Oggey, Jean-Paul, Domster, Agre, AJ787-9 and Coco&Co

Of course thanks always to our lord and savior Med for making the base of this all possible "


Ryanair a330neo


Why doesn’t delta use t then?


Can you add mallard airlines to the list? They are based in Phoenix Arizona and have a fleet of ~650 planes.



And it’s not because that livery is bad, it’s because I don’t have the gumption to stick that livery onto that poster. That process is a little more involved than meets the eye. If I do another one I’ll let you know. Also I know you didn’t make that livery yourself so I’d have reservations about using it without explicit consent from the guy who did it. Everybody involved in the creation of that volunteered their own work, I’d like to keep it that way.


That was a 787-8.
Northwest ordered them before Delta bought the airline, so Delta absorbed the order.
However, the order was later canceled.


Hawaiian Airlines 747-400


Now I wish it was real!


Is this in real life?


JetBlue is thinking of going transatlantic, but they are not going to start with 330-200. This is just a joke/background story!


Oh ok I was excited for a moment


The picture of the GE testbed with GEnX is the topic of discussion everyone’s having. But did you know what the GE propulsion test platform looked like before?