Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I’ll help and do some for you! :)


I will do one or two but ot the whole lot. Your are asking for us to make templates then put loads of liverys on them. Sorry but only a couple.


Agree with this actually. Didn’t realise you wanted special templates and I can’t make them. I hope you don’t mind just the normal 757 and a340.


Yes, that’s fine. I will change it. Unless…


I think @aviationconcepts created a newer 757…


continental 747sp


Could one of you please make a LEVEL A330-900neo?


I’ll see what I can do


delta a330-900neo


Lufthansa a339 neo


China Eastern “Green Aircraft” A330-200, F-WWYQ


I would love to see a Vueling 737-7max or Ryanair 787! Anybody up for the challenge?


I noticed that y’all don’t do much cargo stuff on here either. Maybe you should try it.


I made it


I made a fake airline logo for a tropical airline named Citron. (Note: All this was done in Google Drawings, so it can’t be that great :D)04%20PM


A spotter spotted this plane in Toulouse Today, from what we can tell it is a green aircraft which has a blue tail, but the tail logo has been covered up. Nobody has any idea which airline this plane belongs to. It will be interesting to see.

hint: Should jxxxxxx go transaltantic?

the finshed one is coming out tomorrow!


Woah woah woah is this jetblue???


FedEx 747-8F:



Since a friend of mine loves Thomas Cook airlines, I decided to sponsor his airline with my airline with Team Thomas Cook my with my airliner Air Shamu (airline manager)


Hello! Could someone put this livery on a 737-800 or A320? Thanks very much!