Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Air Canada 757 with Scimitars


HOP! CRJ-1000


Here you go, a retro Britannia 787-9(oops), G-TUIM


Hawaiian CRJ-1000


to be split, don’t the winglets have to go down as well as up? Only 737s have split scimitars as far as I know


757s are having scimitar winglets installed for more fuel efficiency, not split.


Yeah sorry about that lol. I got messed up.


Who have etihad airways livery and Emirates livery and United Boeing 787 livery

not templates


Were did you get the landing gear?


Please help me
How to the livery and it’s not template


Uhh, your sentence does not make sense.


The photo from the flap jack or Daniel14

And sorry for the sentence


Just watch my video again but slow it down


What you mean Daniel


In the YouTube settings you can change the speed of it. If you want to wait a few says ill be uploading a Tutorial.


Can you upload a mini tutorial


PM me, I’ll try to explain it better


Include me I’ll help


Ok👍 Daniel14 and obsidianflyer


I used a 757 template from Norebbo. Took the landing gear off of it