Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Translation of @stevphfeniey post: With the Olympic Games in Mexico City on the horizon, Aéroteca launched its “Arco Iris '68” campaign to show a new modern Mexico. Initially four color combinations were launched in the first four McDonnell Douglas DC-9: XA-DEK “Blue Pacific”, XA-DEL “Orange of the Giants”, XA-DEM “Aztec Red”, and XA-DEN “Blue Sky” "

The aircraft of Aéroteca would use this livery for 20 years before the replacement in 1989.


Aegean A350-1000



Thank you! We needed this


Alaska Skywest crj-200


Here is my creation, What do you guys think


Great concept! Looks like this could be an Alitalia.


One for the boys


Any requests? Willing to paint a few.


Polar Air 737-400F please


Air canada new livery l1011 please

If not, air transat new livery 757 or a330neo


The tail isn’t the best but here you go!


Here is a real challenge.
With the tons of decals, JetBlue’s Blueprint livery has been my fav since it rolled out.
With the technology, Airbus 350-1000XWB has been my fav since it rolled out.
NOW! Can you combine the two?
Winner gets a virtual cookie and the right to brag.
I know @aviationconcepts @Matt737 @AndroidPilot @HEYEY are gonna be interested!


So basically you want the BluePrint JetBlue livery on the A350xwb-1000? I’m up for the challenge if that’s the case!


Thanks that looks amazing!


Yes, exactly, and maybe you will win the virtual cookie!


I’ll try it when I land then! Won’t be done till much later so I can perfect it


Can someone try a Kalitta Air/AIA L 1011 TriStar?


cool !! good idea you never know if air transat in 2 years and even more! Will the old A330-300!


crj-200 galore


Goodness me that’s a lot of CRJ-200s 😨