Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Never mind though. I might retry my Registrations on it later


All I know is that Hong Kong uses B-XXX registrations.


Ahoy comrades! Pulling out something new from the archives. A look back at all of the standard liveries of North American Airlines since 1950.


Hawaiian Airlines A318



Could someone please make that template I asked for yesterday? Would be really appreciated. "I really need a smart, sleek and modern looking livery with SI airlines in billboard text on the fuselage, with a cool logo etc. Thanks!


Looks good but needs color. American should have their red, white, and blue


Also, In case you did’t know they canceled the order for the a350


B-K/LXX and a few more 2nd letter is Hong Kong
B-MXX is Macau
B-Numbers(4 digits) is Mainland China
B-5 Digit numbers is Taiwan


@Balloonchaser what do you think about this A318


Correcrion: A318. 😉


here’s something i made in a while ago :))


That is beautiful 😍


Hawaiian 777-300


Working on a project: JetBlue Asia!
you guys choose the aircraft for this!
poll closes in 10 min btw

  • good old Airbus 320-200
  • not that classic Airbus 321-200
  • Complete fresh Boeing 777-300ER
  • something else!

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the big great project is done: JetBlue Asia 320-200


Does anyone have a livery they want done on an A359?


Could you do the #JetstarGeneration livery?


Yeah I could, I’m not sure if it’ll look good…do you have another suggestion, preferably a standard livery?