Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Custom from own template (modified from med), Cathay 777X:

I checked Boeing’s website for all the details to make this one


Air Canada “All Black” livery, something simple I wanted to try for “livery of the month”
(It’s a 737-300 btw)


I tried a retro Air Canada livery on a 789:



Should I do more shoe designs on planes

  • Yes
  • No

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Name shoes that you would like to see on planes


Oh I love all these liveries


JetBlue Airways a321neo high rise livery in full


Lufthansa 777-9X, based off of Med’s 777-300ER, alterations by me.


JetBlue a321neo prism full livery


Do you use pixelmator?


JetBlue a350


Nike Mercurial or Adidas Predator 18.1’s please


Have you done Adidas yet? If not then that please


That is actually awesome, thanks for including China Eastern!
However, the CES livery is actually wrong, the red Chinese “中国东方航空" should go in front of the actual english “China Eastern”


Oh didn’t know that, thanks for telling me! I’ll make sure to do that when I do a China Eastern livery next time.


*What if India’s four major 2-wheeler manufacturers started their own airlines?

Which one (livery, not manufacturer) is the best in your opinion?

  • Hero
  • TVS
  • Bajaj
  • Honda

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And what should I do next besides real airlines?

  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Car Manufacturers

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Can you send a link to a .psd file of that.



Hi everyone ! Great pictures of Air Belgium, thanks a lot !! I don’t know how neither who to ask for a picture of Air Belgium in A340-600 and Avro RJ100 ?? That would make me very happy :D You guys are awesome.


Here is my simple 787-9.