Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


United Airlines dc-8-73


This months “livery of the month” livery will be Air Canada New Livery
Idk what to call this new organization


delta airlines dc-8-73


Can I join the group


Invited you, welcome :)


Worked hard on this one.


Extravagant! Well detailed for a 787


delta dc-8 fleet


RAF Embraer E145
I will now take suggestions and if you have any constructive feedback I would love it. Just don’t think your on AE as I hate the feedback on that because no one is kind or positive


You are really enjoying the DC-8 just now. It is not a problem though as they all look great.


I would center the royal air force text between the two vertical fuselage lines located near the 3rd and 11th window.


Air Canada retro livery 727-200
Didn’t think many people would do the retro livery for this months “livery of the month” so I did it.
This is my first retro livery and I’m quite proud of it.


Air Caribbean B737-800 with Split Scimitars
My best one yet, idk what I’ll do next, maybe AC B787-9


Heeey wait a minute what ever happened to FLEET?


What the months fleet?


Do you like the backgrounds I am useing for my liverys?

  • Good as they are
  • Should do a new thing
  • Should do something different every time

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If you have a suggestion for a new thing please tell me?


I like it but can I ask one thing. PLEASE I’m begging you take the face out as it creeps me out a bit.


Omg yes! It’s such a good paint but the face creeps me out and ruins it


lol okay :D its dali btw…


I thought it was as I remember a joke in my school about a teacher who looked like him.