Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Southwest Airlines dc-8-73


Hawaiian Airlines dc-8-73


I have a challenge for everybody! Here are the “rules”

  • only can use the 788
  • can only use 3 colors at the most (simplicity at its best)
  • No text, logos, etc.

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


delta airlines dc-8-73 old livery


Does different shades of a color count?


Like a light blue and a dark blue? As one color?


No, like a slightly different shade to still show the paneling.

And does black/white count?


Oh yeah like you can do green and blue, but different shades


Now what about the registration Does the red/white/blue count if I am not using them?


No registration at all I just want the artist to focus solely on the simplicity of the design while having an impact


Ok, last question. I promise. Does black count as a color? What about a greyscale?


Grey scale is all grey so one color, along with black


JetBlue Airways retro livery dc-8-73


Just an on and off project I’ve been working on in the past few hours
Air Caribbean Dash 8-Q300
About the concept airline, Air Caribbean
Air Caribbean is a concept regional airline that operates throughout the carribian islands with its one and only hub at Princess Juliana Intl Airport, operating 6 Dash 8-Q300 And 2 Q400 along with 1 single B737-700 aircraft for international operations to Miami. They also have 3 A320neo aircraft on order along with plans to expand with those aircraft to Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, and Orlando. Once they expand they will operate either 787, 777, or 747 aircraft depending on the growth.


@Daniel14 my first design ever. Colors are greyscale, blue and orange.

Entirely done in MS Paint.

If I could redo it I would make the dip in the orange at the bottom a little less. I would also add a lime green accent to some parts.

Any requests from anyone?1


I call it La Mer.

The colours represent the blend and colourful life of the sea.
The design is the sea’s waves yet very straightforward approach.
The fade out of the front represents the border of land and sea.



My response to the “simple” challenge:


You posted two of the same thing.


Late night special…


Norwegian/Boeing house livery 737max 8
@ollywhxte here you go I decided to do this one as I already was planning to do Norwegian airlines liveries.