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JetBlue express fleet so far


Any suggestions for me. Preferably a regonal aircraft but I can do anything.


You should do an update of either the Ryanair 737-800max livery, TUI 737-800max livery, Thomas Cook A321neo livery or Norwegian 737-800max livery. It would be cool to see an update of one of these. Ryanair is probably in need of the most modernising.



Air Italy A319 from the Poll


Jetstar E190


Air Astana 777:


Actually on an iPhone


It just works on ios in general.


Southwest Express ERJ-145XR


I like the with orange one more


Fact about the ATR 72 ULD: ULD stands for Unnecessarily Large Door

not really as far as I know


@Air_New_Zealand08 I cannot get your Scoot 737-8MAX, anything else you want


Turkish 748:

Turkish A359:


Finnair Marimekko livery concept:


@HockeyMan06’s Design Corner Vol. 4

Poll Winner United New Concept Livery 787

Poll Winner British Airways 737-8 MAX

Poll Time!
Theme is Cargo Planes

  • FedEx MD11F
  • DHL 737-400F
  • Newfair Cargo MD11F

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I went to the marimekko website and I’ve been doing a few of the prints, and this has to be by far the most hilarious one yet:


Could someone make a new livery of First Choice on an a321neo, please? Make sure you use their new logo!



delta airlines dc-8-73 new livery