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infinite flight 2017 livery on dc-10


infinite flight 2017 livery dc-10


I didn’t know if you wanted the more current livery or the retro one, so I went with retro.


All 3 versions of this United a318.


I like the blue background!


Whilst we are in the mood of IF livery’s I’ve done a new one,

Infinite Flight (New) A321


Easyjet “international” custom fictional livery DC-10-30 and a PanAm “Blue” Modernised Fictional Livery DC-10-30. All hand drawn.

PS I has to use labels to put over mistakes


@Cpt.TC wow they look good, could you try a British Airways A330


Lufthansa delta and United dc-10


I could try… I might do that tomorrow


@Cpt.TC sounds good! I also noticed your templates are hand drawn, they look awesome.


@aviationconcepts how do you do those ones on IF, it’s a very good idea


Thanks! Yeah, I hand draw the templates, but once I have drawn 1 I just photocopy it


easyjet 757-200 easyjet 737-700 easyjet crj-700


Southwest Airlines 737-500 new livery

  • HiFly A321
  • Thai Airways A320
  • Air Asia ATR-72
  • British Airways Bombardier Dash 8 Q 300

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It looks nice, I am very fond of the old white livery


Delta airlines A321neo


Air Canada A319 and a320 new livery


Air Canada express dash 8 q400 and q300 new livery