Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint



Any requests? I’ve got time right now.


For this month’s FLEET, I thought I’d go back in time and bring back the old Icelandair livery.


A321 Emirates. Good luck 😉


delta 732 and 733


Can you please make an Air India A350


@aviationconcepts they look great…


United ATR-72! I now LOVE using transparent templates! Thanks @AndroidPilot!


Could anyone make a United 727 (Globe Livery)?


Can anyone who is a pro with Photoshop help me? I’m trying to use Mediviation’s templates but the cockpit windows don’t show up when I’m done, even though the layer is supposed to show up. Heres a photo:

This also happened on Med’s A320… This was like my first-day using photoshop so go easy on me. Try to make your explanation really simple because I don’t know where anything is lol


The Commerzbank Tower is correct but the second one is wrong keep guessing 😉


American Airlines


Does anyone know how to get these templates.


To celebrate the update with ariel refuelling and other stuff I have done an A320 RAF air tanker with a eurofighter refuelling on it. Image Credit Bing




JSTAR Airlines: A300


Nice work, is that a real airline or made up?


For the Christmas challenge, I’ve made an Xmas livery on a Pan Am 747! Here:


American 777-300er and dc-9-51


That looks amazing! …


Jetstar concept livery!