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Does anyone have an ATR 72 transparent template I could use?


Same things apply as the last template I sent posted.


Cool how do you get them?


Introducing Hollywood Flyer! A private jet aviation group. We fly to any destinations as we have a wide fleet of aircraft. I have done a mood board and a plane from our 787 aircraft, we are one of two airlines that operate 787’s as private jets. The other one being Deer Jet. Hollywood Flyer is a made up airline but Deer Jet isn’t. We are based in Brussels

Interior Mood Board and airport transport car. Image Credit Bing Search

787 Hollywood Flyer


Speaking of Air France, can you try to make a 737 max in Air France colors?


American chrome livery\heritage livery a321


I find blank templates with no shadow and remove the white it’s unbelievable simple.


delta airlines Atlanta livery


American Airlines 727 and delta airlines 727 in new liveries


Can someone make me a US Airways 737-MAX!


Props if you could guess the two buildings on the plane.


@the777fan are the to buildings the Commerzbank Tower and the Gallileo tower?

@Air_New_Zealand08 ATR 72 Qatar sorry it took so long!


My contribution to this months Fleet, Icelandair 767
BMI regional and British Airways 767


@AndroidPilot how do you make them transparent? How do you get rid of the white?
@the777fan how do you make your amazing designs


Which version do you like better?


@Matt737 Top version! I prefer the black background… how do you make them?


I use and Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


And what templates, I like the shiny effect! Is that in computer

  • American A320 (New Livery)
  • British Airways MD-80
  • U.S military A320
  • Thai A320
  • Stobart Air 747-8

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The templates are Medviations, you can find them on