Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Getting there! It definitely looks more realistic, I must say. Maybe use a grey pen for the windows instead.


Yeah, I agree! . . .


Someone please do a Pan Am A350, but in this livery:


Perhaps this is what you meant by Air Tahiti Nui?


@Kiz Kenya Airways Cargo 747-8F

I couldn’t find a tail logo for it so it doesn’t look to great! I can do it again if you want
@Joseph_Krol coming right up!


This months fleet icelandair 787.


frontier airlines 737-700 landing at Toulouse


icelandair 787-9


@aviationconcepts how do you make your designs? They look incredible


Working with real images. No way in hell could someone hand paint that. lol


So sorry, I have for so,e reason mis read Air Tahiti nui as Air Caraïbes


@the777fan Lol, they are quite different but I understand why you mixed them up. Here’s a challenge do a 737, one half Air caraibes and the other half Air Tahiti Nui!


Can someone please make an Eastern Airlines 787?


Sure, is this the right airline



Nah the American one that ceased operations in 1991! ☺


This one? I’m not very good with dates about when they ceased operations



Yeah! That one! . . .


Thought so, as it had a massive US flag on it! Coming up


Arabiair 737-10-MAX!


Cool, you are definitely improving but so am I