Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I meant Air Tahiti Nui, but that is beautiful! Nice job!


(Remade) Suggest any aircraft we’ll draw it is the best place to look for handrawn liveries!


You can still draw a plane and create your own airline…


Yeah, I know! Besides, people are rambling on about my very rushed example plane when they probably haven’t even seen my older planes.


Well, I’m up for it if you want to send me some of your 👌examples


Here’s one I made a few weeks ago!! 2ca86dd2500d6b51a8919fa0c57279d37ab155aa_1_690x258


Still copy and paste though. I could make something like that on a Nokia!


And people waited until now to say… 😐


And where would I post my liveries exactly?!


Well we don’t want to sound harsh, do we?


I’m confused. You said none of my liveries deserve to be here, so then I said “Where would I post my liveries then?” Them you said here! 😅


Well if you improve on your livery making a lot of people would probably start liking them. I never said you can’t continue posting stuff here ;)


If it makes everyone happy, I’ve deleted that post. 😊


Know of any websites where I can overlay the windows and doors over a logo?


I love your edits. Other than @N644US & @aviationconcepts your one of my preferred editors. Along with @United-Express.

EDIT: and @Matt737


Aww thanks get much! 😁


What about me???

just kiddin lol


I like your a planes alot!


Here are two I did a year ago
I downloaded fonts, cut out logos etc.

(Click for full quality)


How does this look?