Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I wonder when they will reprint there A380s.


@Kizzyjet here you go :)


I also did this



Southwest B737-500 In multiple liverys


Make sure you post that in here as well


Made a livery for my VA, QJet Virtual


Could someone do a Russian rendition of Southwest’s livery? Oh, and replace the word Southwest with Aeroflot. I’m just curious to see what it would look like, but I have no PS skills at all.

Plane: 737-800


I hope that the Canadian Airlines livery is added to the DC10! :)


I understand that I have been several days overdue on liveries and inactive. This message serves as an official announcement of hiatus from here until September 1st. I may be occasionally releasing some liveries when I have time, however I will be busy for the most part.

I encourage other template-makers to attempt to fulfill the requests of others, and hope to see some beautifully things happen on this while I’m gone. If there are any requests left over, I will be doing them when I return.

Enjoy your summers,


What’s your Instagram


The one I did liveries on I have deleted as I did not have the time for it.


BOAC A380 would look so cool. I really like the BOAC livery


Citilink GRJ (Gulfstream Regional Jet) 1000 :P


Btw could someone pretty please try to make either one of these:
Blue Dart Aviation 757f
Kalstar Aviation Embraer E2
Airfast Md-80


Hey guys, the first Neos Air Boeing 787-9 is coming and personally i can’t wait to see it!! (Yes, I’m a big fan of Neos)
I decided to make a new livery, what do you think?

I’m not affiliated with Neos Air, Boeing & Alpitour World


Hey all

This is my first contribution to the forum and I would be happy to take requests fictional or non fictional. The first aircraft that I have repainted is a Jet Airways 737-900(WL) in the ex. JetKonnect livery. Please leave feedback and requests for my next livery.

Leave feedback below!


Looks pretty good! You’ve got an artistic hand!


A320 @NEO


Man that’s awesome, thanks!