Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Any requests??? ✈️👨🏼‍✈️


This looks like the new IBERIA livery?


EasyJet Dash-8 Q400


kinda suites it! Could imagine flying that in real-life


I love that, it works so well!


Post it here.


southwest a319


Could someone please make a Qantas A350-1000 in the new roo livery.


Qantas (Concept) 737-800


I can in a few Hrs when I get home


N307FL frontier airlines 737-300 in new old livery


Could I have a 767-200ER in some sort of special livery? The tail and slogan can be based off of @Air_New_Zealand08 ‘s design


I am having WiFi troubles so I can do it but won’t be able to post it till later on when I have WiFi back on my iPad


frontier airlines 737-300 new livery


Ok, Thanks Daniel, also could you put the mask on aswell


Yeah It will have the mask I have it finished but since I have it on my iPad and my WiFi is out I can’t upload it


Okay, that’s cool, I don’t mind when you upload it


What app on your iPad do you use and where do you get the plane templates?


Swiss wet-lease Bae-146-200 from AirConnect!


Could anyone send me the Qantas roo markings like the tail that you used if you did a concept for Qantas, hope it makes sense