Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread

If there’s One there’s Gotta be a Sequel (Coming tomorrow)


Day 23
Retro Liveries that are ACTUALLY retro

8 Days left,Bringing in one from @AviationEleven, a Play Airlines Airbus TA9 (Yes a concept plane too) Featuring the Same Red but in a 1990s setting

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No. 11

Around The World Livery Series

Hi, everyone! This is the series where I recreate airline liveries from around the world. Since I didn’t do this series for literally 2 weeks, I will no longer do this daily. But now, here’s Hong Kong!

The all-new expressway

Since the January rebrand, HK Express has had one of the most beautiful liveries. This 18-year-old low-cost airline, has a striking purple-based livery. This A320neo (fake reg: B-1011) is a 3.5-year-old aircraft. The livery still present the skyline of Hong Kong, but some edit to it

  • If it’s against some rules here, please tell me. I will modify the post 🙂
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Progress Map


All Boeing Prototype Liveries on All the 7X7 lineup

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I applaud you for this creation, but are you sure this is their new livery? I only heard about this 🤮

Yours is so much better than theirs though…


Day 24
Retro Liveries that are ACTUALLY retro

6 Days left, Bringing you something a Little unexpected

a Scoot MD-11 Featuring the Modern logo but Styled like an Airline from the 80s/90s

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Say Hello To: International Canada Airlines. The New International Air Carrier From Montreal, Connecting You To Canada, US, Europe, South America, and Asia.

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Guys, PIA is now actually looking to change its livery soon.

Here’s one I made not long ago.

It would be great if some of you all could take out the time and make some concept liveries for this airline.

I have been trying to recreate my livery in Illustrator but my skills aren’t good enough yet :(

Here’s some references any designers can use:

Provincial tails used on PIA aircraft (each represents a province of Pakistan )

Pakistani truck art is also very popular, it would be interesting to see if someone integrates it into a livery


I can provide additional info to anyone for designs and ideas my PM is open :)


( Not A Part Of The Real and Fake liveries Timeline ) what if the F-35 Lighting 2
Was a clean - sheet design . Like the radar is inside the F-35 and etc
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Day 25
Retro Liveries that are ACTUALLY retro

5 Days left, Bringing in a Weird one but Also new, a BEONC DC-7C Where almost Everything is Different

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PandaJet Airways B738 - (fictional)

I made this livery for my new budget airline in Airline Manager 4 based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. :)
The fleet will consist of only the 737 family.

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I-what even is that?

Day 26
Retro Liveries that are ACTUALLY retro

4 Days left,Now with a really special livery, A norse Atlantic Airways DC-8-73 (Parts Inspired by the Old Icelandair Livery)

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Day 1
New and Custom liveries

Today markes the end of the Real and Fake liveries Timeline. So today I made one Trans-Air Airbus A380-800 livery which is Canada’s Low-Fare Airline

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@Luchino_Bruttomesso How about an air caraïbes 747-100/200? That could work

Here’s some concept liveries
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Sure thing

Biggest downgrade in the history of aviation I suppose

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Nah, that title goes to Condor, Icelandair, China Eastern, Avianca and Aer Lingus.

Ngl I was going to say Spirit.

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