Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread

Hey do you have airlines Manager/painter aswell! I love that game!


I love this style of liveries


Nepal Airlines Xian MA60 - Livery Recreation

Template By Med
Logo from Google


The old classic style. Nice job. :D


EcoJet Updated Livery

9M-RDP • Airbus A321-253NX • 1.3 years (June 2021)

EcoJet “More Room to Breathe” livery

9M-RDY • Airbus A321-253NX • 1.1 years (Jul 2021)

Info about livery

“More room to breathe” caption refers to the plane, which is Airbus A321neo, which emits less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide compared to its last generation models (A320CEO). This allows people to breathe cleaner air not just from the inside, but also outside of the plane.

The text below that caption says “EcoJet comitted (please correct my spelling) towards lesser CO2 emissions”. EcoJet is phasing out old planes with newer models of them. This is one of the actions taken as a part of EcoJet’s Green Products program, which started last year.


Template: MED
EJ logo: Adobe Express
Malaysia flag: Bing
Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama logo: Google
CFM logo: Bing

Software used: GIMP



MSC Air Cargo


The only thing I don’t like about their livery is the way the lines on the belly “behave” at their respective ends. They are neither parallel nor are they originating from each other, they just seem to weirdly come closer but can’t quite reach each other, at least that’s what I find, but maybe that’ll change on the actual aircraft once it’s ready for operation

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Aveon Link A220-100 N436AL

So I’ve seen the creation of self-made fictional airlines on this thread become more and more common, so I wanted to try it out for myself, here’s some details on the airline/aircraft

Airline Details


Aveon Link is a subsidiary airline to the parent company, Aveon Airlines. This airline operates throughout the entire United States in flights around 3 hours or less duration. Aveon Link operates under the callsign “Link” I know, very creative

Aveon Link Fleet

  • Airbus A220-100

  • Embraer 175

  • Embraer 190

  • Bombardier CRJ-700

Aveon Link Hubs/Routes


  • KSFO - San Fransisco Intl

  • KIAH - George Bush Intercontinental

  • KEWR - Newark Liberty Intl

  • KSAN - San Diego Intl

  • KBOI - Boise Air Terminal


Aircraft Details


The Aveon Link A220 is used in higher demand regional routes such as KSFO-KLAX. It is a very fuel efficient source of flying, and is Aveon Links newest aircraft

Seating Arrangement

American First Class - 12

First Class seats are equipped with virtual back seat maps. They also include larger leg room, more cushion and snack service priority

Main Cabin/Economy - 74

Yes, they have chargers

Total - 86 Seats


Why are you looking through the credits

Med, Google, Great Circle Map

Hope you enjoyed


Hi could somebody please make a 737 flying for my airline, FlyFlorida? If you can also just make multiple aircraft that would be amazing

That looks so similar to the United airlines livery, but green xd

what did you use to make the design? Can you please tell me?

Hey @NvAviator, I’ve some ideas for FlyFlorida’s livery

FlyFlorida Boeing 737 MAX 8 “Disney Park Orlando”

FlyFlorida Boeing 737 MAX 8 “Kenedy Space Center”

About the livery
FlyFlorida’s livery was designed as a jellybean design, showcase the landmarks of Florida. Shown here is an example of the KSC, and the Disney Park Orlando.

Template By Med
Decal from Google and Me


Turkish Airlines “Turkoflot” Airbus A350-900 - Livery Recreation

What’s the livery?
After the Russian sanctions started, Airbus redelivered some of Aeroflot’s Airbus A350-900 to Turkish Airlines to imply with the sanctions. These aircraft were equipped with Aeroflot’s livery and cabin previously. So, when it was delivered to Turkish, it never wares the full Turkish Airlines livery, instead with the half-Aeroflot livery. Know as the “Turkoflot livery”

Template By Med
Logo from Google


Thanks, can I DM you if I ever need more liveries?

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Sure! Why not

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Flysafair ‘New Livery’ Boeing 737-800

Recently Flysafair announced their new livery and logo in a new re branding exercise, however many people are split on the new design. Thoughts? I replied to the old one that I recreated so that you can see the differences.

Designed using the usual Adobe Suite

Logo’s gotten from the Flysafair Website


I find it is a step back. Now the tail looks more like a private jet and less like an airliner with no logo on it. I can’t really express what I mean, but the livery feels “filled but at the same time empty”.
I liked the old one better, but there are still many worse liveries out there, so this might be a step back, but coming from a high standard.

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I fully agree, I am on the team of it is a step back. The old one was much better IMO.

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flysafair Boeing 737-800 Springboks special livery

#Stillthebestrugbyteam #notbiased

Let’s try a new Springboks special livery, I like it personally however that is just me.

Designed using the usual Adobe Suite

Logo’s gotten from the Flysafair Website

Please do not post without permission

See you soon!