Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread

How do you guys add that shine to your designed liveries, when I do it they end up looking dull.

Also were do I get good templates from?

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I get them from here

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ITA A380

Logos from Google
Template from Med

Update coming to it this evening 😂



The livery will be finished tomorrow!


I literally laid an image of the A350 and just painted over it 😂

This will help a ton

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Wait, big misinderstandung. Your livery was more than fine! I just posted this as a “sneak peek” for my livery creation because I was so proud of my work recreating the parts 😅 So the pain wasn’t directed at your creation… Sorry for this 🥺


Don’t worry 😂 It told me you replied to my post 🤣

I did notice something on mine though that I need to fix regarding the blue being off a little

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That looks really cool!

Alright, here’s todays repaints

United 747-8i in Rising Blue

Template by Med
Logos from google

Aer Lingus A380

Template by Med
Logos from google


Thai Smile Boeing 737 MAX 8 - Livery Concept


ITA Airways A220-300 Livery Concept

It’s less of a concept since the livery already exists and the aircraft (still under the test registration of C-FOWU) already exists, but since there is no ITA Airways A220-300 in their livery as of now, I still called it a “concept”. Everything, including the pattern on the tail, was recreated by me based on other photos and renders. The only exception is the Skyteam Logo.


TAAG Angola Airlines A220-300 Livery Concept

TAAG agreed to lease 6 A220-300s from ALC at the Farnborough Airshow.

What’s that livery?
Angola actually presented this as their new livery in 2019. The livery is heavily inspired by the historic livery they had before their previous livery that we know from the B777-200/W and the livery in IF.

Why is the livery so… badly executed?
I had exactly one render to base my A220 livery design off of and it had the worst imaginable angle. Other than that only one (?) Q400 wears the livery and how I could tell from the A220 render, the way the livery was applied differs quite substantially. Thus, I had to “freestyle” many parts of the livery, hence the ugliness.

Read more about the order:

The render I meant above…



That is what I call stunning , same with your ITA CS300 above.

Plus you managed to do that even with pretty much one image to base it off of.

Also loving that registration, I see what you did there.


That’s actually really nicely done! Plus, the livery itself does look fairly good.


CS300? I think I heard that somewhere before… I think it was something in combination with A220 sounding way better. Not sure though… Or is that a car? The new Mercedes CS300? xD
“Fun Fact” : There is a Mercedes A220, so my argument might not be the best ^^

The real A220

But thank you so much for your kind words! I took quite a break and hearing such nice feedback is really motivating!

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Thanks and yes!

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The CS300 is the name of the A220-300 while it was under Bombardier’s development.😂

Anyways, here’s a retro livery for my airline, Orbit Airlines Intercontinental. The airline have 12 options for the Concorde in 1972.

Template by Med
Logos from Google


I don’t blame you because the joke was admittedly bad and the delivery was even worse 😅

Very nice livery!

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Lufthansa A319 - Help Alliance Livery Concept

Edelweiss Air, a sister airline of Swiss and thus a member of the Lufthansa Group has recently applied a Help Alliance livery to one of its A320s they received from Swiss. Help Alliance is a charity supporting especially children in developing nations across the world.

It was founded by Lufthansa employees and is still going strong. To voice their newly formed partnership, Edelweiss Air now created a special livery.

Since Lufthansa is (obviously) also in the Lufthansa Group and also has close ties to Help Alliance, I explored what Lufthansa’s take on a Help Alliance Special Livery could look like.

My inspiration:



Cathay Pacific A380

Template: Med
Logos: Google

Trying a new background style out that I’ll use on all my paints