Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread

This is a new japan based airline I created, I might make it a VA in the distant future


is he gone forever tho or will he come back at some point

It seems he is permanently suspended. Remember he had been suspended already before. Let us move on from this topic of discussion.

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since AvioesEJogos is gone…

i guess youre the new king/queen of design your own airline or repaint an existing airline

last off topic reply i promise @Average_Gamer

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oooo nice!

good luck with the va

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i didn’t post a livery in a while though

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I think it goes to the person with the most posts doesn’t it

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i think it goes to the person with the best liveries


As promised last Monday (I think) I followed up on the requests by @N908QD (Hughes Airwest DC9) and @CHUNGUSflys (Brussels Airlines SSJ100) and created the following liveries as soon as I had time.

First up, as it was the first request, the Hughes Airwest DC 9-30. Because this livery is so old it was nearly impossible to find a picture of the aircraft that hadn’t had this oldish look which distorted the colors, so I just opted to use the colors from the Hughes Airwest logo, which I assume were used on the original as well. I hope you enjoy it!

I apologize for the rough edges, the detail layer seems to be not exact and I wasn’t able to fix it

And next up is the (now not operational) Brussels Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B operated by CityJet. This livery was a little bit interesting, too as the tail logo is kind of different from the regular logo (I think because of the narrow tail). Additionally, I tried a new composition style on this one by using somewhat of a collage style to present you the livery:

Templates: MED/Atusk0
Liveries: Created by myself
Logos: recreated by me
Font: Gotham (the Spotify font xD) for the descriptions and Corbel for Brussels Airlines


Ah, and I also found the Cyprus Airways A319 somewhere. I am not too sure about this style of background. What do you think?

Templates: Atsuk0
Livery: Created by myself
Logos: Recreated by me
Font: Sofia Pro (still experimenting with which type I want to use moving into the future)


the dc-9 looks amazing!

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Thanks a lot! Glad you like it!

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She’s got competition

Anyway… there’s a new livery up my sleeve 👀

If you guys remember eyePhone12

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Did u mean to reply to me lol

well the IFC livery won so…

I’ve posted this livery before, but here it is on a MED template instead of Norebbo.



If Brussels Airlines suddenly decided to create a snake special livery xD

Looks great!

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Looks very cool

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I can see that lol. Thank you!

Thank you!

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The Pacifica IFC livery