Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread

Wow… That looks incredible! Thanks a ton, it really means a lot to me.

My goodness… One of the best retro liveries on the best narrowbody! I never knew just how much I needed this… I am very impressed!

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Hopefully, I can make a L-1011 in the same livery

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(Not for the Retro liveries Timeline) What if the Aeroflot Livery had a USSR flag instead of a russian one?

Logos from google
Template By med


Why does that look good. 😭

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Austrian A320 - "Smilo Sticker" Concept

Today I decided to create what I think might look like an Austrian A320 if they had a similar sticker applied to one of their aircraft like Lufthansa do with their children’s mascot on it, Smilo the dog (as opposed to Lufthansa’s Lu). I got this idea because D-AILU, the A319 with the Lu sticker is my favorite aircraft and I simply love it for its cuteness.



I also used D-AILU as reference, which I also created in the past ^


I keep saying classic aviation is the best, yet few people listen to me.


Delta! Take notes!

Let’s gooo.

Template: med
Everything else: google


Noice there m8!


Well, I don’t really know how to have the color “bend” like what’s shown here so I need help with that

Possible tip: Make a straight line and then after you do that erase some of it to give it a curve shape if you mean by that

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Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for thx

Np there :D

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Day 1
Real and Fake liveries

Today I have made an Airbus A320neo and an IndiGo Red A320neo livery

Template : MED
Logos : Google
Made in : Procreate
Font : Google


ngl, Indigo Red sounds like a subsidiary they would launch irl

That Looks Cool!

This is something I had In Mind for A Bit. Now To Put It On The Board.
Stateonian Airways 747-100

Original Photo by Jetphotos
Livery custom made by me


WOW it looks so good! Amazing work! :D

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Thanks! :D

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