Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline - Official Thread

Design Your Own Airline or Repaint an Existing Airline

Credit to MED

This is the new official thread for designing your own airline livery. This can include a totally new airline, a slight tweak to an existing one, or a total rework of an existing airline’s livery.

Before you post, please remember the following rules:

  • Designs must be of high quality
  • Hand-drawn pencil or pen designs on paper are not permitted
  • Please be open to feedback and constructive criticism
  • You must post a media-based design. Text only is not allowed
  • The design cannot be on an Infinite Flight photo. It must be a third party template
  • You must include the following when you post your design:
  1. Name of the airline
  2. Location of, and credit to, the original template and its author
  3. The credits to any logos, art, or other media you use in the design
  4. A short detailed explanation that describes your design

Templates and Logos

We suggest using MED and AJ787-9 templates as a start. These are high quality. Please be aware you need to have an account on the website to access these templates:

You are free to use any templates you wish instead of these suggestions.

For logos, simply Google search for them. Make sure the size is set to large in the Google toolbar so that you can maintain a high-quality logo.


There are a number of ways you can design your own livery. We suggest the following:

You can also find a YouTube tutorials on how to make liveries on Pixelmator.


Disclaimer Notice

Hi all. Please be aware that this topic is a trial run, and it may be closed at any time. The main issues we would love to avoid are rudeness, excessive flagging, and arguments about designs. If we have to over moderate this topic, it will be closed.

Please remember to do the following to help reduce the chance of that happening:

  1. Flag problematic comments and do not respond to them
  2. PM a user if you wish to debate or discuss something in detail about the topic
  3. Be the one to guide the conversation to ensure it stays on topic and respectful

Please take note before you post!

You can show your enthusiasm for this topic in the meta post about it below. Please keep comments strictly to posting or responding to others’ work. Thanks all!


Time to actually folllow the rules.

A Fly350 737-300 I made for Airline Empires.
Templates by MED,
Just to explain the design, it’s a Latvian airline, as shown by the silhouette in the livery. Just a simple, quirky design in a Leisure airline style.


Oh my god it’s back!

Some of you might remember this design from 2018. A member here made it for me. I’ve been developing my skills since then, and they’ve gotten to the point that I decided to re-create it!

It’s called Bluesky Airlines, based in Canada. Right now I’m working out the details but the main goal is to make a sort of Delta up north.

Credits to Med/Atsuk0/Blonde_bird for the template and Cayden_Smith for the OG livery and logos.


Here is mine - my fictional airline Worldlink’s A220-100.

Worldlink is a globally-based airline, with many many hubs. Credits go to Med for the template.

  1. Name of the airline: Air Canada Livery Remade

  2. Location of, and credit to, the original template and its author: Templates: MED Person who suffered 2 nights without sleep trying to learn to use the paint tool: Me

  3. The credits to any logos, art, or other media you use in the design

Air Canada Logo: Wikipedia
Background: gœogle

  1. A short detailed explanation that describes your design

idk i don’t like the new Air Canada livery, just not Canadian enough, so i suffered 3 days with no sleep making this


Here’s another one I found from my computer.

  1. Reagean Airlines is a Norwegian airline outside of IF I used to be a part of. I did a few livery designs.

  2. Template by MED as always.

  3. Kinda slapped together all the art myself lmao

I tried to make a retro-livery for Reagean on the DC-8. I kinda like it.

I made this in paint . net.


I don’t know if it’s just me. But the link is giving error when opening😕


If you are trying to get to Med’s templates - it will show an error until you make an account.

I love this! Maybe add that Racoon Mask back 😉

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I’m offended. Although I don’t know where the colour black comes into a iconic part of Canada lol. It’s still a livery I love.

It looks like to me, if Air Canda Rouge redesigned their livery and started serving the A320Neo… I want to imagine that now 🤤


I like this topic! Keep it.

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Pretty sure they do 321neo, flew it MCO-YYZ last year.

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Wait will the designed liveries get added in IF?

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No, it’s just for people to showcase their (quite frankly amazing) skills by transforming a blank canvas into a great livery. It’s just for fun :)


And me thinking that the paintings we did would be added to the IF😕I was already happy. It would be an advance on the new paintings to be added

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Air Canada Rouge I’m pretty sure does not have the NEO only the A321ceo

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What’s software are y’all using for this?