Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Very good livery, but make sure the registration is layered over the paint. Also I would say make the Air France text smaller.


@OrientalFlyer thank you for your advice!
@Thomas Good point, will do it straight away. Regarding the logo, looking at a picture I figured out the logo started at the first window and goes down to the 6th of the 3rd lane of windows. That was the smallest I could do otherwise it would look too flat. But thank you for your feedback!


Qantas B763 Disney Planes livery
Med’s template, @CptnLuke


(This is my first request, excited hahaha)
China Eastern A340 “Shanghai Expo 2011” livery


Oh I love it even more when I repeat looking at it


Why does the tail get darker towards the top?


He probably did a green to black gradient.


yes he did…



Air France - 787-9 (Skyteam Livery)

Template Med, I forgot the Air France KLM logo


I know he did, but Cathay doesn’t have that. So why —is my question — did he put it there. @aviationex_91190


You forgot the type and registration behind the last door. Also the dark blue is a bit too dark, looks like black. Lastly SkyTeam logo on the fuselage is too big. Silver could be a tad lighter as well.


Thanks for the advice.


Mmmmm, not easy, I am busy so expect it for Sunday or Monday


@CptnLuke @ThePraetorian @the777fan It was a green to dark green gradient and its because the photo I was using looked like it had one.


Looks for multiple photos because lighting affects everything especially when dealing with colours


“alexa play the soviet national anthem”


any requests?


Since you requested, try doing a Cathay Pacific B787-8.


Could you make a Air Vanuatu 747-8i?