Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Mmmmm, I might try, expect it for tomorrow or for Saturday


Great job. Little problem with the text. It should be flatter


Text and symbol should be flatter!


Just say what you want to say in one post. No need for two comments


this is to two different people


This is a copy paste I use, but provides some great info,

Hey There! Great Livery, but I would suggest using Med’s templates. They offer greater flexibility and realism. Although to use Med’s templates you will need a psd file supporting editing software and an Airline Empires account. I would recommend Pixelmator for iOS. Pixelmator or Photoshop for Mac, and for Windows Photoshop, or GIMP. A free alternative would be Autodesk Sketchbook for iOS but, it is very complicated and tricky to use. Hopefully, these will make your liveries look even better! Can’t wait to see what you make next.


Yes I know. You can just tag them or quote their post.


Thank you so much



That looks Amazing! Don’t forget to credit MED.


Feedback Appreciated :)

No, I didn’t flatten the text.


Woow, is awesome! Could you try it but on an a320? Please?


Awesome lol


Text should be flatter. Please don’t just copy and paste, in PS use command/control(win)+T, and edit it.
This is a great job!


Any requests?


How about you try out the “Qantas Disney Planes” livery.



I’ll have a try

  1. Read the spoiler at the bottom of the post.
  2. I don’t use Photoshop, I use GIMP and I am still learning.


Sorry for not noticing spoiler


Air France 787-9 - Tour De France (TDF) livery

Before you say you’ve never seen this livery, this is a created livery imagined by myself.
Template: Med