Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Air China B773ER “Smiling China” special livery
Med’s template, OF livery, @the777fan


@CaptainBarney Your liveries are ok, and you can continue using airline empires, but can you try meds just once? I just want to see what you can accomplish over meds. After that one livery, then you can go back to airline empires.


Looks great!


Smiling China! I love it!


Malaysian A320neo Concept
Aircraft Status: Unknown.
Suggested by @Bazilpokie_Nose


Oof oof oof med templates pls


I can use it I just don’t really know how to. Like how do I get a transparent image and stick it on to the plane (without buying apps that cost money)


Sell stuff on eBay for money so you can buy pixelmator (4.99$)


I will have that by December 20th! I will have $10 so yea I will just wait till then, but for now Airlines Painter HERE I COME!

Thank you!


You probably should just hold off on posting till you get pixelmator


I will stop posting but I won’t stop making 🤓


Do you have a computer of any kind?


It’s not airline Empires. It’s Airlines Painter


yOU could get Autodesk?


Delta “Relay for life” B767-400ER

known flaws: The blue at bottom of the aircraft is wrong, and the font is wrong.


will someone teach me to use how to use PIxelmator, and may i say I can’t seenm to use Med’s templates


You know what I meant


Saudia B777-300ER
Aircraft Status: Active, Still In Service.
Age: 3.1 Yrs Old.


Any requests?


A PIA A340-600 in the “Indus Valley Civilisation” (Colours of the Desert) Livery would be awesome. I’ve also found a decal Sheet for the tail of a A300