Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


It is splendid already on ios!


So I have to put the lines exactly where they are on the real plane… what i mean is the fact that nobody is perfect


Therefore from me there is only friendly suggestion. Just point out some imperfection. You don’t have to edit again. Some users using Airlines painters or something and their works are really inferior, but I don’t give them any suggestions, because I know you’re skilled and experienced, so you are able to do as perfect as you can. ;)


@OrientalFlyer Then be exact every time always use the clipping mask if what you done went off the template or even turn off fuselage effects to see it better (works for me) if your on another device where it’s harder to use a clipping mask or the software doesn’t really have a clipping mask then deal with not everyone is super skilled and accurate I would say the accurate people who make the RWLs are the painters who actually paint the plane. PM me if your still unsure don’t clog the thread.


I have already solved this problem but thank you anyway


Feedback Appreciated :)


The Sky team logo is on the wrong place
It’s a bit to high


No,it isn’t. The real Delta A350 looks like that.
The only thing that I think you should fix is that the registration should be a little bigger.




That’s not a real life image, that’s a design with its own flaws :)

@SimpleWaffles, thanks for the constructive feedback, appreciated.



This image shows the angle and distance better, please do a thorough search before giving feedback.


This also feather proves my point the logo is too high it’s ment to be inline with the door
I’m trying to be rude


Well, that’s no way to go about things, and I changed it a long time ago.



I changed it, yeash. Lets continue in a PM.


I love that Iberia!


Remember to make “symbol, DELTA” FLATTER!


When I open the 777-200 template in Pixelmator there is only one layer. How do I fix this?


I have the same problem with pixelmator with the a380
And sadly there is no known fix due to the file being to big
But affinity is a good app that can open any template