Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


It’s a bit difficult because of the fancy decoration, but I’ll try my best


Thank you 😊


@AvV008 As you requested (2nd edition)
Cathay Dragon Boeing 747-400D (The Spirit of Hong Kong livery)
The pattern of the decoration is extremely hard to make on PS therefore please give me constructive suggestions instead of comments like “weird or messy pattern”


Red Wings is actually a Russia Airline!!! XDXDXD


The Dragon logo could be positioned above the last three windows in front of the first door. As for the design itself, its quite low-res, could use a touch up.


It seems this little part here could use a fix, other than that I think the resolution could be improved a bit.



There’s so such design so this is almost my design. About the emblem, on single-deck aircrafts it is placed by the cockpit window so I do the same.


Look at Cathay’s Cargo 747s…


Wow that’s brilliant!


Is this ok?


The pattern is from google and the resolution is fixed. Otherwise there’s no clear pattern anymore.


Emily Balarinji Qantas livery

Template: Med


Qantas 747-400
You guys can tell me what you think, i know it’s bad it was rushed, but I had fun and that’s all that matters!

Template: Airlines painter (my fav)


Looks great, thanks


Looks great could you try and do the livery seen on the other side of the plane.

photo by my uncle.


image image
Though small problems, it is a great work
(Normally no coat on antenna; texts should be flatter)


In the description


Are you serious. Your going to inspect a livery to just criticise one small painted antenna.


I’m on ios so I don’t think i can do that


If you’re copying an existing livery, you should do it exactly. That’s what other people told me
Screenshot_47 see, they are criticising me about this little flaw