Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


I don’t know how to say this but I’ll say it as kindly as possible. The grey line on top of the boeing blue line is kind of messed up, try out some blue to white gradient. The blue line goes up to the half of the first window and stops at the sixth when going down until the 19th window. The flower on the tail is a little bit tilted to the left. The purple on the tail goes down too much. Now just keep in mind I’m not being harsh in any means, I’m just trying to give you tips to improve on the livery. I must say that it isn’t bad and you did a good job on it.

@Pinecone sure but you will be reminded by every single person in here that Med’s templates are better to use. I mean it’s your choice but it’s better for realism. Talking about the livery, I haven’t got a single clue if it’s a joke but the tail is wrong and we’re missing the AA logo and the OW logo. I might also add that your airline painter application renders your liveries blurry and I don’t think putting a sky background will help it get any better. That’s why I recommend Med’s templates. :)


Okay, I’m not going to spam you with this, but airline empires may be easy to use, but meds is higher quality, and you can change engines, add winglets, etc. I am not going to spam this, this will be the only reply regarding this on your livery about this. But besides that, I don’t like how the tail looks as you took a photo which was tilted sideways, so the doesn’t look good.


Valuable suggestion. Apparently you are skilled and your idea is accurate and exquisite. Appreciations!


Totally agree


Okay FYI, I’ve used airline painter when I was playing that game, the sky background is automatically there.


That isn’t the ER, that is the regular -300. The -300er has blended wingtips and a slightly different engine


Love the livery buts how is the MAS A320neo


How did you make the livery?


You used a 777-300, not a 777-300ER.


Okay okay @Daniel14


Where did you find the 773ER template?


We convince everyone to use Med Template on this thread-at least trying to. it is the best. It just is.


I might start posting here again

med - Template

keanseeley - Template


And how do I get it


It’s part of the 773 template. You just need to show the ER layers and hide the -300 engine options and wing.


Here it is @JAYLAF747!


(Template by med, livery by me)


(Template by med, livery by me, carbon livery part by @Darpan)


It’s taking longer than expected but it’s coming along well.


Any requests?


American B772 bare metal OneWorld livery.


I will try, expect it for tomorrow (or for today afternoon)