Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


@Darpan oof forgot the layer mask, easy fix though 😊


Fixed lol, that was embarrassing. Those clipping masks always get me.


Yeah. Sometimes I do the same too


Have a look at my edited version. Any problems? ;)


Yeah the curves are still quite off, you also need to swap out the engines for the General Electric CF6 -80C2B1. Besides that it looks pretty decent.


Could you please explain what is “off”? I’ll change later. Btw where can I get that model of engine? In which template?


the curve curves closer to the vertex but straighten out farther along. Take a look at the real VC-25 curves. They are only curved near the Vortex. Also I have no clue where you get the engines, but really makes VC-25 look off.


I just use the engines “GE” in 747-200 template. Otherwise I don’t know where CF6 -80C2B1 is.


The CF-6 are the 747-400 engines.


Sorry but I’m not a US citizen but I know more aircrafts and airlines other than AF1 there is AA, Delta, United, Southwest, Hawaiian, Spirit, Allegent and all the small airlines like Skywest who operate for delta or American. Also stop deleting your comments you can edit them that’s what the pencil is for.


… You don’t get my idea. I mean, I am not US citizen, so I only know “Air Force One” instead of Boeing VC-25.


Still you don’t need to be a US citizen to call it a VC-25


Thanks! That helps


Thank you, btw your works are great


Simple and classic. 👌🏻

Airline: Swiss International Air Lines
Aircraft: Boeing 777-3DE(ER)
Registration: HB-JNA
Age: 3 Years Old


This airline formerlly called “New Caledonian Airlines” went trough severe finnancial issues and was on the brinks of bankruptcy. However, Royal Empire stepped in and bought the airline. The airline (or more subsidary) is now just called “Caledonian”.

Template by Med as usual.



Big Hit: China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER (Co-brand livery with Boeing)
Med’s template, OF livery


Would be nice if we had an app where we could add these liveries to infinite flight.


Made with airlines painter


Do not spam me with the Med’s Templates thing, I just prefer airlines painter.